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Classifying and visualizing with fastText and tSNE

Previously I wrote a three-part series on classifying text, in which I walked through the creation of a text classifier from the bottom up. It was interesting but it was purely an academic exercise. Here I’m going to use methods … Continue reading

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Classifying text with Keras: Visualization

This is part 3 of a three-part series describing text processing and classification. Part 1 covers input data preparation and neural network construction, part 2 adds a variety of quality metrics, and part 3 visualizes the results. The output of … Continue reading

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(Hyper) Rational Travel Planning

There’s an expression floating around the rationalist corner of the interwebs: “If you’ve never missed a flight, you’re spending too much time in airports”. The idea is that to be sure of making a flight, one needs to get to … Continue reading

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The comments of the few outweigh the comments of the many

The Pareto Principle¬†for businesses states that 80% of sales come from 20% of customers. Social media¬†has the same skew; the majority of content comes from a minority of users. I’ve always been curious just how skewed this activity can be. … Continue reading

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Theoretical maximum of the Bechdel Test

Background: For those that may not know, the Bechdel test has 3 criteria. A movie/TV show/book/whatever must have at least 1 scene where there exist: 0. 2 female characters 1. talking to each other 2. about something other than a … Continue reading

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