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Classifying and visualizing with fastText and tSNE

Previously I wrote a three-part series on classifying text, in which I walked through the creation of a text classifier from the bottom up. It was interesting but it was purely an academic exercise. Here I’m going to use methods … Continue reading

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Subreddit Map

Reddit describes itself as the “front page of the internet”, and given how many users it has, that’s not too far off. It’s divided into subreddits, which can have either broad or narrow topics. These subreddits are (mostly) user-created, with … Continue reading

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Properties of angry speech

Note: This post contains profanity Sit down if you’re standing: There’s a lot of angry speech on the internet. There’s a lot of regular speech too. For exact meaning, the order and context of words is critical, but for general┬átone … Continue reading

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I before e

Despite the fact that English is an absolutely terrible language and nobody should speak it, people still do. So to cope with the many irregularities and near impossibility of getting anything right, people try to come up with catchy rhymes, … Continue reading

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