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Estimating active reddit users

I’m always curious about how much activity subreddits have, and how the comments are representative of the userbase. It’s well known that the majority of people are lurkers, who just view content but don’t vote or comment. Some subset of … Continue reading

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Subreddit Map

Reddit describes itself as the “front page of the internet”, and given how many users it has, that’s not too far off. It’s divided into subreddits, which can have either broad or narrow topics. These subreddits are (mostly) user-created, with … Continue reading

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Anatomy of a hashtag

Fathers day was a little over a week ago. A few days before, the greatest hashtag in the world appeared: #EndFathersDay. The rise and fall happened in a remarkably short time: To be fair I only captured data until saturday … Continue reading

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Properties of angry speech

Note: This post contains profanity Sit down if you’re standing: There’s a lot of angry speech on the internet. There’s a lot of regular speech too. For exact meaning, the order and context of words is critical, but for general┬átone … Continue reading

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