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Exaggeration of Science

Communicating scientific results to the public is difficult, even with the best intentions. There are all kinds of subtleties in any study which don’t make it into media coverage. Furthermore, caveats about interpreting results get lost along the way. A recent … Continue reading

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Early Ebola Intervention

As I’ve alluded to in previous posts, I’m a big believer in being rational about charity. Ideally, one has several independent randomized controlled trials on which to decide how cost-effective an intervention. But sometimes that just isn’t possible. Disease outbreaks are a … Continue reading

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Anatomy of a hashtag

Fathers day was a little over a week ago. A few days before, the greatest hashtag in the world appeared: #EndFathersDay. The rise and fall happened in a remarkably short time: To be fair I only captured data until saturday … Continue reading

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Properties of angry speech

Note: This post contains profanity Sit down if you’re standing: There’s a lot of angry speech on the internet. There’s a lot of regular speech too. For exact meaning, the order and context of words is critical, but for general tone … Continue reading

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Lifetime of Fortune 500 Companies

I often find myself discussing what the future world will look like. I might wonder out loud what will come after Facebook or Google or whatever. Frequently the response is “nothing”. As in, these companies are so huge that they … Continue reading

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