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Properties of angry speech

Note: This post contains profanity Sit down if you’re standing: There’s a lot of angry speech on the internet. There’s a lot of regular speech too. For exact meaning, the order and context of words is critical, but for general┬átone … Continue reading

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Lifetime of Fortune 500 Companies

I often find myself discussing what the future world will look like. I might wonder out loud what will come after Facebook or Google or whatever. Frequently the response is “nothing”. As in, these companies are so huge that they … Continue reading

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Theoretical maximum of the Bechdel Test

Background: For those that may not know, the Bechdel test has 3 criteria. A movie/TV show/book/whatever must have at least 1 scene where there exist: 0. 2 female characters 1. talking to each other 2. about something other than a … Continue reading

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It’s the end of the world again

In a move that surprised very few people, the world did not end today. Or yesterday. Slightly more surprising was that it didn’t end Friday, but only slightly. Newton was apparently not a fan of the various apocalyptic predictions, and … Continue reading

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Crazy things on which to spend money

Modern society is full of marvels. Computers with more storage and processing power than existed 50 years ago are available to everyone. Flying across the world may not be “cheap”, but it’s doable. We take a lot of these things … Continue reading

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